BROEN-LAB is a leading premium manufacturer of laboratory fittings and emergency shower systems used in professional laboratories, the education sector and industrial workplaces. The laboratory fittings product portfolio includes valves and fittings for the control and regulation af a range of media. The emergency shower product portfolio (ESS) includes a wide range of eye and body showers. The activities in BROEN-LAB was bought from Broen A/S (Carve-out) and therefore will an annual report for 2014 not be prepared.

Name of holding company:
Fund and year of investment:
Capidea Kapital II, 2015
Assens, Denmark
Board of directors:
Jan Sindesen, Jens Thøger Hansen, Vice Chairman, Peter Eriksen-Jensen, Chairman, Stig Løkke, Anders Kiehn Grønborg
Capidea partner responsible:
Jens Thøger Hansen
Gross profit DKKm:
Number of employees:
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