OPTIWARE is an international group developing, implementing and selling the Enterprise Asset Management system API PRO, which is a standard software used to support maintenance activity in large to midsized companies. In 2016, OPTIWARE acquired the Swedish software company AXXOS, which has a proprietary software system for monetizing machine and production efficiency. The list of costumers include companies from varies production and utility industries like Alstom, ABB, Unilever, InBev and SKF. OPTIWARE was in 2013 awarded "Best IT company in Denmark".

Name of holding company:
API Maintenance Holding ApS
Fund and year of investment:
Capidea Kapital II, 2013
Year divested:
Board of directors (at Capideas exit):
Erik Balleby Jensen (Formand), Lars Torpe Christoffersen (Næstformand), Petra Helfferich, Johan Andersson
Capidea partner responsible:
Erik Balleby Jensen
Revenue DKKm:
Gross profit DKKm:
Number of employees:
Company homepage: