Wellvita (TAP) develops, produces and sells Vitamins and Dietary
Supplements (“VDS”) to private customers either directly to the
consumer (B2C) branded “Wellvita” or indirectly via
wholesalers and retail stores (B2B) branded “ Mezina". TAP is headquartered in Esbjerg, Denmark with a distribution center in Norway. The total number of employees is 80.

Name of holding company:
MidCap T
Fund and year of investment:
Capidea Kapital III K/S, 2019
Board of directors:
Erik Sandberg (Formand), Claus Gleerup, Jacob Lachmann, Stig Løkke Pedersen, Ulrik Markussen, Martin Jørgensen
Capidea partner responsible:
Martin Jørgensen
Gross profit DKKm:
Number of employees:
Company homepage: