Welcome to Capidea – a Danish private equity fund

Investing in companies

As a Danish private equity fund, we contribute capital, knowledge and ideas for the development, expansion and internationalisation of the companies we invest in.


Experienced and competent team

Behind Capidea is well-trained and competent team which has over 75 years’ experience in the private equity industry and in-depth knowledge of Danish business.


CSR and ESG – our social responsibility

We place a strong emphasis on CSR and ESG, both for ourselves and for our portfolio companies. Among other things, we have policies and guidelines in place to ensure good governance and anti-corruption measures.


About Capidea

We are a Danish private equity fund that invests in small and medium-sized Danish companies. We contribute capital and feedback to companies facing a generational change or international expansion, for example. Capidea consists of three funds with a total committed capital of approximately DKK 2.3 billion. Since our establishment in 2006, we have invested in 25 companies, 16 of which have been sold. Capidea’s clients are institutional investors, skilled business leaders and well-run companies. This ensures that we have a good and wide network in the Danish business community.

Our team

Capidea was founded by, and consists of, a small team of competent and serious people. From our longstanding co-operation and depth of experience in the private equity business, we have both the knowledge and the skills to create value for our portfolio companies. We aim to be an attractive partner and active owner, contributing capital, feedback and ideas with long-term growth and potential in mind.

Focus on management

We invest in consultation and co-operation with the existing managers of our portfolio companies. We make long-term investments of 3-7 years in companies with good management or the potential to attract competent managers. Our investment strategy is always to invest in partnership with the company’s management and for the management team to invest on attractive terms together with Capidea. Our goal is to be an open and reliable investment partner which creates value for companies in the form of close strategic and operational consultation with the company’s management. We treat everyone with respect in our efforts to create good jobs, in our own organisation and in our portfolio companies.

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Our social responsibility

CSR and ESG plays a big role for us and is an important focus in our day-to-day work. We comply with all of the DVCA’s guidelines for responsible ownership and good corporate governance. We have also established our own policies and guidelines for good governance and anti-corruption to ensure ethically acceptable working and decision-making processes. These high ambitions and social responsibility requirements apply not only to ourselves but also to our portfolio companies. We therefore work to ensure that companies integrate CSR and ESG into their core values and processes, and it is a criterion for evaluating potential investment opportunities.

Capidea is a Danish private equity fund which makes long term investments in competitive small and medium-sized enterprises. We invest primarily in manufacturing, distribution, software, retail and services, and we focus on optimising and streamlining the business in co-operation with the existing management.

Capidea supports TEAM Rynkeby and children with critical illness, 2022

Established in 2006

Capidea was established in 2006 and currently has a total committed capital of DKK 2.3 billion, divided into three funds. Our third fund was added to the business in 2017 and represents a capital commitment of DKK 750 million.

Competent and experienced team

The qualifications and professional experience of our staff are second to none in the industry. This means that our overall management and decisions are always rooted in our own experience and the latest knowledge in the field.

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