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About us

Capidea is a Danish-based private equity fund, which has existed since 2006. Capidea has total committed capital of approximately DKK 2.3 billion spread across three funds, the latest of which was established in 2017.

Our aim is to contribute capital, knowledge and networks to small and medium-sized Danish companies with the desire to streamline and develop their business in co-operation with their existing management. We invest in companies in the manufacturing, distribution, software, retail and service industries which either have strong management or have the potential to attract competent managers.

Since our establishment, we have invested in 20 companies with a total turnover of approximately DKK 6 billion. We invest on behalf of a diverse group of investors consisting of Danish business leaders, companies and institutional investors. Our investors come from a good mix of industries, which provides us with a strong and extensive network in the Danish business community. Capidea is a Danish private equity fund and is fiscally transparent in Denmark.

The team behind Capidea

Capidea consists of a strong and experienced team, made up of competent and well-trained employees. The team has worked together since 2006, but has more than 60 years’ experience in the private equity industry. So it is a competent team with the knowledge and experience to provide value-added support to the management of the fund’s portfolio companies. This is done by entering into close strategic and operational consultation with the company’s management. We strive to be active owners who contribute both capital and knowledge in order to develop, expand and internationalise companies and enterprises.

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Our core values

We are a private equity fund which cares. We take great pride in being an open and reliable partner that lives up to our shared social responsibility. We set ambitious but realistic standards for ourselves and our portfolio companies in terms of CSR. We have also developed our own policies regarding anti-corruption and good governance.

Every day, we do our best to work in a way that reflects our core values of openness, trust and accessibility. We work with zero tolerance of corruption, including extortion and bribery, to ensure that our decision-making and work processes are ethically unimpeachable. We also focus on treating everyone equally and with respect. In this way, we believe that we can achieve good and effective results in a positive and responsible manner.

Capidea is a Danish private equity fund which makes long term investments in competitive small and medium-sized enterprises. We invest primarily in manufacturing, distribution, software, retail and services, and we focus on optimising and streamlining the business in co-operation with the existing management.

Established in 2006

Capidea was established in 2006 and currently has a total committed capital of DKK 2.3 billion, divided into three funds. Our third fund was added to the business in 2017 and represents a capital commitment of DKK 750 million.

Competent and experienced team

The qualifications and professional experience of our staff are second to none in the industry. This means that our overall management and decisions are always rooted in our own experience and the latest knowledge in the field.

Active owners focusing on CSR

CSR is an important concept for us – and it is used as a criterion to evaluate the companies we plan to invest in. Our strong focus on business ethics emphasises anti-corruption and good governance in order to ensure attractive jobs.