The team behind Capidea

Our team

Behind Capidea is a competent and experienced team, who collectively have more than 60 years’ experience in the private equity industry. We have worked together since 2006 and place a strong emphasis on honest, effective and respectful co-operation, both between employees and with our investors and portfolio companies. We apply a set of core values consisting of openness, trust and accessibility.

Our primary goal is to provide value-added support, including help and feedback, to the management of our portfolio companies. Our team is therefore made up of talented and experienced people who have been a part of the Danish business community for many years. This ensures that we can contribute not only capital but also our knowledge, experience and network to our portfolio companies. In this way, we can go a little further to ensure optimisation and growth of enterprises in a responsible and efficient manner.

Erik Balleby Jensen, Partner & CEO

Phone: (+45) 33 38 68 01

Mobile: (+45) 21 23 33 36

E-mail: ebj@capidea.dk

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Erik Balleby Jensen holds an MBA and a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, and before founding Capidea he worked as managing director in CVC Capital Partners Denmark. Prior to this Erik was employed in Nordea as manager, responsible for the funding of acquisitions of small- and midsized Scandinavian companies and at Accenture in London, where he was a strategic adviser for a number of international clients. During his time in Capidea, Erik has primarily been responsible for the fund’s investments within distribution and was chairman of the board at EET Nordic and member of the board in Schades, Aagaard and Klokkerholm Karosseridele. Erik is chairman of the board in API and board member in Creativ Company and Budweg.

Jens Thøger Hansen, Partner

Phone: (+45) 33 38 68 02

Mobile: (+45) 40 34 64 62

E-mail: jth@capidea.dk

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Jens Thøger Hansen holds a Master of Engineering and has a graduate diploma in finance. Jens has previously worked with strategic business development in industrial companies such as Brdr. Hartmann, Skjern Papirfabrik og SIS International as well as with Corporate Finance in Danske Bank and EY. Jens has primarily been responsible for Capidea’s investments within production companies and is a member of the board at BROEN-LAB, Guldager and Westpack. Jens was Chairman at K.P. Komponenter and at Union Engineering and part of the board of directors in EET Nordic Group.

Nicolai Jungersen, Partner

Phone: (+45) 33 38 68 03

Mobile: (+45) 41 19 41 26

E-mail: unj@capidea.dk

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Nicolai Jungersen holds a Master of Laws from Copenhagen University and an MBA from INSEAD. Nicolai has previously worked at the Scandinavian private equity fund Procuritas Partners, ABN Amro in London and as an attorney at-law at Kromann Reumert in Copenhagen. Nicolai Jungersen has primarily been responsible for Capideas consumer related investments and is member of the board at Ellepot. Nicolai has previously been a member of the board at Aagaard, Inspiration, Nümph and Xstream.

Martin Jørgensen, Partner

Phone: (+45) 33 38 68 04

Mobile: (+45) 29 21 03 05

E-mail: mj@capidea.dk

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Martin Jørgensen has a Master of Business Economics and Auditing from Aarhus Business School and has been employed at Capidea since 2007. As a previous employee at PwC, Martin has experience within auditing and advising large public listed companies as well as M&A-counseling. Martin has worked with most of Capideas investments and is member of the board in Creativ Company and Westpack. Martin was previously part of the board in Aclass.

Henrik Normann, Partner

Phone: (+45) 33 38 68 05

Mobile: (+45) 20 94 93 26

E-mail: hnk@capidea.dk

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Henrik Normann holds a master in Applied Economics and Finance from Copenhagen Business School, and has been employed at Capidea since 2007 - initially as an Associate, thereafter as an Investment Manager, then Director and from January 2019 as Partner. Henrik has worked thoroughly with most of Capideas investments and is a board member in Ellepot, Guldager, Budweg and FlexoPrint.

Anders Kiehn Grønborg, Investment Manager

Phone: (+45) 33 38 68 07

Mobile: (+45) 29 27 29 85

E-mail: akg@capidea.dk

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Anders Kiehn Grønborg holds a master in Finance and Accounting from Copenhagen Business School and has been with Capidea since July 2012, first as an Associate and since July 2015 as Investment Manager. Anders has previously worked for Dong Energy and Deloitte during his study period. Anders is observer at the board of directors at API Maintenance Systems and board member in BROEN-LAB.

Advisory Board

Capidea's Advisory Board consists of the following members:

  • Gert Eg, Attorney-at-Law
  • Hans Henrik Kjølby, CEO, Jysk Holding A/S
  • Lars Taarn Pedersen, CEO, SIC Holding
  • Lars Torpe Christoffersen, Executive and investor
  • Mogens Hugo, Board member

Capidea is a Danish private equity fund which makes long term investments in competitive small and medium-sized enterprises. We invest primarily in manufacturing, distribution, software, retail and services, and we focus on optimising and streamlining the business in co-operation with the existing management.

Established in 2006

Capidea was established in 2006 and currently has a total committed capital of DKK 2.3 billion, divided into three funds. Our third fund was added to the business in 2017 and represents a capital commitment of DKK 750 million.

Competent and experienced team

The qualifications and professional experience of our staff are second to none in the industry. This means that our overall management and decisions are always rooted in our own experience and the latest knowledge in the field.

Active owners focusing on CSR

CSR is an important concept for us – and it is used as a criterion to evaluate the companies we plan to invest in. Our strong focus on business ethics emphasises anti-corruption and good governance in order to ensure attractive jobs.